Documentation & Docusaurus


I’m trying to get the Docusaurus based documentation repository working locally.
By documenting myself, I managed to install a new project based on Docusaurus v3.0.0 and by following the guides on the site I understood how to add pages and write documentation.

Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out how to use the Buspirate5 repository and use it locally on my PC.
The repository is the following GitHub - DangerousPrototypes/BusPirate5-docs-firmware: Bus Pirate 5 Firmware Documentation which seems to be based on the Docusaurus version v2.4.1
I would like to be able to clone the github project on my PC and be able to use it locally to test the new pages.

Could someone help me understand how to do it?

Thank you so much for checking it out!

I haven’t upgraded to the new 3.0 branch.

In general:

  • clone the repo
  • change to the project directory
  • do npm install
  • do 'npm start

You will need NODE, I get it through laragon which has a nice linux command line… After that it should install the right versions of everything and open a browser window when it compiles.

Incredible, I didn’t think it was that simple, but I hoped so!!!
Now I can confirm that everything works! But I receive reports of many vulnerabilities:
26 vulnerabilities (14 moderate, 11 high, 1 critical)