Realistic ship dates ... BusPirate5

Does anyone have a feel on how long it will take to get a BusPirate5 from the Feb. ship date? Day, weeks, etc. Just ballpark is fine.

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Hey Rasyoung,

They were assembled last night. The factory is doing final assembly today (attaching LCDs, testing and putting them in cases). We hired a packaging company to do all the kitting (putting things in boxes) to speed things up, that will happen this weekend or early next week. My guess is first batch is all shipped by the end of next week.


Hi Ian

Will the replacements from the first January batch that had manufacturing problems also be shipped in this batch? I had opened a ticket but they never replied.

I’m sorry about that, I’m looking into the ticket now.

Yes, those will ship first along with the boards that were recalled from logistics.

The incoming batch is massive, and should clear all but the most recent orders. There’s a ton of stuff to package up, which will be the bottle neck after hardware is done. We usually do all that stuff in-house, but it’s so much we’re hiring it out wherever possible.

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Hey Drake, I’ll PM you.

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Woohoo! Assembled, tested Bus Pirates arrived at our office this morning. We’re boxing them up and shipping as fast as we can. A bunch will ship today, more tomorrow. The backlog will be cleared by next week.

Thanks for hanging in there. I made 100 REV8 preview boards and it took ~3-4 months to sell them. Almost nobody bought a probe cable or aux cable. We thought we were well prepared for launch and would coast through the 2 week spring festival. Instead, we are doing an initial batch of 1000s.

We’re a team of 5, with 2 in the Shenzhen office. We’ve outsourced absolutely everything we could to speed things up. I paid emergency and rush fees every time it was an option. We’ve hired in an army of temp workers to help with the packaging and shipment. I’m super proud & thankful for @Jin, Jam, Bing and Lynn going above and beyond to get this huge batch of intricately sourced hardware out less then three weeks after the Chinese Spring Festival.

Thank you for checking out the Bus Pirate. I’m sorry for the delay, but I’m super excited to ship and hear what you think of the project.


Do you have any idea when orders made end of February gonna shipped?

Imminently. The next batch starts arriving this week and we will ship as soon as stuff arrives.

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Getting really close! We will all be SO relieved when this back order stuff is over.

Since we didn’t have to rush the PCB manufacture this time, the PCBs got a few extra treatments :slight_smile:

We’re also manufacturing antistatic foam trays because we hate all that bubble wrap. The trays won’t ship until tomorrow though.

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The custom antistatic foam trays arrived and we LOVE them.

Shipping will begin full speed tomorrow.

Shipping resumed. We’ll clear the backlog ASAP, and then new orders should be available to ship immediately.

We’re really close to a having a new storefront here at that accepts multiple payment processors (eg not just PayPal) and has a guest checkout feature. I am working on the shipping back end for the Shenzhen office, and it’s really amazing what you can do inside a browser with web storage and cross site scripting. Instead of our server reaching across the Great Firewall to create shipments, now it all happens in a mini-app inside the browser. This will speed up our shipping considerably. Not only will the shipping stuff not cross the firewall four times, but the shipped orders are stored in the browser and pushed asynchronously to the server for updates. This should double or triple our shipment capacity.

We also had a chance to account for the cost of producing the first two large batches. The temp labor, service fees for things we can’t handle in-house, and transportation costs really add up. The cost of cables and Bus Pirates has increased a bit, hopefully for the last time.

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