Shipping updates

A bunch more orders shipped today, we are getting into the early February orders. We will keep moving through based on the date they were received. More Bus Pirates and accessories arrived from the factory and went to get shrink wrapped. Orders should start shipping without delay in the next couple weeks, we’ve got a good handle on the backlog and additional batches are already in production.

Any time estimation when the BP5 will be available in the aliexpress Store?

My guess is by the end of month.

We have some more orders to ship on Monday (18th), but the current batch is almost done. The next batch will start arriving from the factory late next week, we currently hope to start shipping again after the 26th.

After March, there should be good stable supply going forwards. It will go in the Aliexpress shop & distributors. Also, the price is going to increase, there’s just so much labor involved that I didn’t foresee.

We’re trying to get everything out as fast as we can. It was never my intention to be in a pre-order/backorder/kickstart kind of situation. The injection molding dragging on forever, scrapping the second batch then running up against the Spring Festival. Just really unfortunate. Thanks for everyone’s patience.

PCBs will be finished tomorrow. Assembly will start a day after. Once assembly starts, Bus Pirates will flow into our office as they come off the production line and we’ll start shipping immediately.