1-Wire mode updates

I added a 1-Wire PIO-based example from github to the firmware, and modified it to work through the Bus Pirate’s buffer. It’s kind of working, there’s a transmission glitch in like 90% of the tests. I’m tracking this down now.

1-Wire is kind of a monster project because there’s no end of helpful things to make it less of a pain in the neck to work with.

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The reset command was cutting off the final bit of the transmit. I added a wait for idle and it seems solid now.

Still a long ways to go, but at least the hardware is working.

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Will test tomorrow. Ive already got 4 1-wire temp probes hung.

1-Wire mode is working and enabled in the latest auto build.

Next I’ll add some useful macros because 1-Wire can be a beast to work with.

It also makes sense to add a 1-Wire slave mode for debugging smart buttons and other simple ID number devices (and definitely not for stealing laundry service in a 2000s era dorm).

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I managed to add the 1-Wire ROM search. It’s not really useful without it.

Update: added list of devices to ROM search.
Update 2: added macro (2) to read a single DS18B20 temperature sensor (uses skip ROM command so more than one device won’t work)

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