3D printed Gridfinity case for Bus Pirate and accessories


3D printed the Bus Pirate case from here. It turned out really great!


I would add depressions to hold the probe hooks upright because getting them all in there was a bit of a chore.

Will probably print a second bottom tray before putting the printer away.


That looks pretty nifty as this thing has a lot of tiny parts to keep up with, but I have a question about this project. Perhaps I lack imagination on how it snaps together, but what stops either side from dumping the contents when you close the box? (I don’t have a 3d printer, so I’d be outsourcing it to my son…) Are they perhaps trays meant to stack atop each other, perhaps with a lid that’s just not shown?

Is there some kind of depression in the back of the case that’s holding your BP upright? If so, that would make the related/recommended Printables pretty unnecessary for most of us that don’t keep it on our desks all the time.

Thank you for sharing and for your patience answering questions from someone more comfortable with the software inside BP than about making boxes from spools of plastic. It’s just a world I’ve not really explored.

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Yes, they are stackable… it’s not a lid that flips over and closes on top. Separate lids are printed. Gridfinity is a loose standard for making stackable storage-related things that stack together.


Cool. I appreciate the answer. I’m more into boxes than trays, so I’d probably look at that "gridfinity in scad’ thing and try to figure out a lid. A clamshell box with pockets would be primo, so I’ll think more about it.

Or I’ll stick with my cardboard box with a faint waft of factory-floor-scent. :slight_smile:


I’m working on a carry case, buy progress is slow. @jin stumbled on this so we thought we’d try it.


Awesome. That sounds even better. It’s SUPER low priority for me, too, so I’ll just wait before placing my “order”.
This definitely seems like something that can be tackled by someone other than the lead EE and software dude. :slight_smile:

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Neither is making a scratch and sniff sticker, but here we are :slight_smile:


I’d like to do a two layer bag like this, but with more zipper compartments. The bottom has Velcro dividers to customize the space.

I really want to use the green canvas and bias tape from a traditional Chinese lineman’s bag, finished off with the yellow silkscreen. Manufacturers keep telling me that’s not waterproof, but it can definitely be treated with wax like an old tent, chore coat, or raw denim.

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Sorry, forgot this point. Yes! It has a nice depression that holds it at 60degrees.

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Look, i dont want to offend. However, the scratch and sniff stickers was your all time greatest creation yet. Your orher projects are nice, too.


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Glad to hear an official case is something that’s been looked into. I spent quite a bit of time trying to find a little zippered case for the BP5, but after purchasing several, none of them were quite the right size. Cases for headphones are just a little too small, and the ones intended for point-and-shoot cameras end up being too large.

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Glad you liked it! I got a few big bottles to try it out as a fragrance.

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Definitely working on it. It has to ferment for a bit