ADC adapter for DSO

Since looking at the waveform generator, it occurred to me that a sampling scope wouldn’t be too difficult to pull together with existing PIO code and the logic analyzer binary interface mode.

AD9280 is a 32MSPS 8 bit ADC. They come on various development boards on aliexpress with a front-end attached.

  • We only have 8 IO pins, so it would be 7 bits plus the clock signal.
  • AD9280 has 1V and 2V measurement modes. I guess a front end would be an op-amp, a resistor divider and a second op-amp to scale 0-5V to 0-2V or 0-1V

I’m going to have a quick look to see whats in the Chinese market that might be cheap and available.

MS9280, a 10bit clone chip for about $1.

Not much else of interest though.

From AD9280 datasheet. It also has a design for a reference board with several levels of gain. I need to study it a bit more.