Added italian language using chatGPT for translating json.. worked better than I tought

So for fun I tried to pass the english json file (en-us.json) to chatGPT and to have it translated to Italian automatically… It did a better job than I expected, it only took 10 more minutes to correct small error and imperfections (see pull request #19)
The only problem was that when copying the whole file at once to the prompt it started allucinating and adding non existent strings IDs (probably taken from other repositories). But passing about 100 lines at a time worked well enough.
This is the prompt I used:
“In this json document, for every json key/value pair, translate the value to Italian”


Nice! Thank you.

It happens to be that some of the english text is ALSO written by chatgpt lol. I use copilot, which is a totally mixed bag to be honest, but I’ve gotten to the point where I copy paste code fragments and comments and then it can usually scaffold whatever I need. It lets me code 10 times faster when it goes well.

For example, I paste the comments from a command in the en-us.h file and it can usually put together all the help text stuff I need with a couple tweaks here and there.

What I really dislike though is that there’s no predictable way to use it. And the quality of the suggestions and speed varies wildly from day to day.

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