Aliexpress shop

Boards will be for sale at DirtyPCBs because we already have the infrastructure to deal with it. However, we realize that shipping rates have been high lately. We’re applying for an aliexpress shop so we can take advantage of their global logistics system.

I buy more stuff on ali than I should. Anyone else?

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Heh. I have too many of those yellow padded envelopes with the bubble wrap in, from ordering components off Ali, than is an actually useful. I always tell myself that they’ll come in handy someday; for protecting something or other - so I never toss them.

Have you tried TaoBao at all? I managed to create an account some time back when there were still a few hoops to jump through, but never used it TBH.

Oh yeah, I love Taobao. I lived in China for a minute and it was an addiction for a while.

Ah I’m jealous. I have a friend that went not too long ago who showed me pics on Shenzhen. I could probably happilly get lost in there for days.

Shenzhen is a very amazing and special place. I moved right before the pandemic and haven’t been back yet. I’m planning to go shortly after the Maker Faire/KiCon is over. I need to visit our office there, and I want to see the passives, connectors and probe hook manufacturers we used for Bus Pirate 5.