Bug - VT toolbar "stays"

A minor bug but it’s worth documenting. When the toolbar is enabled, and you disconnect from the BP - either with the “$” or “#” command, the bottom 4 lines of the toolbar stays. So if your output scrolls past the bottom (on my Linux system), the toolbar stays there.
A Unix “clear” command fixes it, as it resets the VT100 code to not “reserve” the bottom 4 lines.

Interestingly, when I use “screen” - the toolbar is present when I exit, but eventually scrolls up. The display is garbled a bit for a while.

When I use “tio” - the toolbar stays even if the screen scrolls past it.

p.s. If you use putty - there is a security update - some private keys are guessable (weren’t random enough).

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Also - I just used configure to disable the toolbar, yet it stayed on the screen. I used commands that would scroll past the bottom of the screen, and the toolbar stayed. I used “clear” to finally erase the display.