Bus pirate 5 proboepening lcd error

Received my BP5 a cpl of weeks ago. worked great.
Went to use it tonite and teraterm shows probopening lcd repeatedly. Windows reports problem with drive. Drive does show up as bp5 storage but empty.
Disconnect/reconnect no change.
rev 10maybe3 too small can’t read.
Feb 2024 Date on pcb.
Display shows
Start at top line

  • VOUT OFF 0.0V
  • 00.0ma
    IO0 - 0.0v

    IO7 - 0.0v
    Gnd Gnd ground symbol
    LEDS cycling colours and all on.

Tried to update firmware. Board went into proper pi boot loader by using boot button and power cycle. Download completed but after unit reset, back to probopening LCD , exact wording on teraterm, not a misstype.

Any suggestions other than a replacement?

Thanks for the help and sorry for the hassle.

Jim Brooks

Latest update. after reviewing " Hardware Issues. Doesn’t boot sometimes, LEDs blink randomly" I installed “bus_pirate5_rev10-bp_rev-tests” and the board now works. Hmm
I did not try the other test versions yet.

That’s a strange error. Do you get the same error from both serial ports?

Have you tried the latest autobuild? I pushed a fix that should have taken care of the boot issue (increase oscillator startup timeout).