Bus Pirate 5 REV10 change log


A thread on Bus Pirate REV10 hardware changes:

Major: fix voltage sag on IO pins caused by analog mux switching inputs. Onboard NAND flash instead of removable storage.

Minor: swapped name brand parts for generic jellybean parts (cost, availability, supply)


Add 2 x LMV324 quad op-amps as buffers between 4067 analog mux and 1O pins. Eliminates voltage sag on 1O pins when mux switches.

Added BAS40 Schottky diodes with 100k current limiting resistor to protect op-amps during reverse power scenarios


Replaced removable flash socket with 1Gbit NAND flash (improve internal SPI bus speed).

Added 1 side and 1 upward facing RGB LEDs to empty flash socket area. 18 RGB LEDs total. (impulsiveness)

Added pin silkscreen to 10p header (ease of use)


Changed 7400 logic from Nexperia/TI to I-Core (cheaper, available)

Changed 74HC4067 analog mux to I-Core CD4067 (cheaper)

Pull-up resistor control: replaced 2 74HC4066 with 8 SI2301 PFET in SOT523 (cheaper, smaller)

All PFETs to jellybean SI2301/SOT-523 (cheaper, smaller)

General purpose op-amps: changed “low voltage” MCP/GS6001 to jellybean LMV321. (Cheaper, lower input offset, multiple manuf.)

Current sense op-amp: low offset “A” graded part LMV321A. (Cheaper, even lower offset)

Comparator from “low voltage” RS8901 to jellybean LMV331

Change 1N4148 SOD-323 to SOD-523 (smaller package).

Swapped power supply control PWM pins (GP22, GP23) and LCD control pins (GP24, GP25) to use RP2040 PWM more effectively.

Compacted upper 4 bits of analog mux to reduce sweep time (12 channel sweep vs 16).

Full change log and REV10 BOM