Bus Pirate Converter Issue: Result of ‘0b11111111’ Always Zero


Today, I received the Bus Pirate and started with the “Tutorial - Basics.” However, I encountered an issue in the “Blink Some LEDs” section. The result of “= 0b11111111” is zero. No matter which binary number I try to convert, the result is always zero. Does anyone know what might be causing this?


On a hunch … what result if you remove the space that follows the equal sign?

in other words, change:
= 0b11111111

Thank you for the response.

If I remove the space, I receive an error. The command includes the space.

I compiled from main branch today, and the command worked correctly (with the space) for me.
Perhaps you have an older firmware?

The commit / SHA I built from:

I have seen this error myself. Let me check the current build. I believe it is a bug in the new parsing routines.


Thanks! It should be fixed. Explanation in cliche meme format:

How it started:

 cmdln_args_get_bin(rptr, result, value);

How it’s going:

cmdln_args_get_bin(rptr, result, value);

(forgot to dereference the pointer with a *)

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