Can I/ will I be able to program a PIC or Atmel microcontroller with Bus Pirate 5

Can I/ will I be able to program a PIC or Atmel microcontroller with a Bus Pirate 5. Thanks.

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Not yet.

Binary mode should be done this week, then we can start porting programming apps.

Which chips do you want to program? Some pics for example need a 13V VPP, which will require an external supply and FET.

I work with mainly PIC16F and PIC18F series that are programmed using the PICKIT5/ICD5. If an external supply and FET are needed could that be provided for with a plug in board of some kind?

Haha! yes, that would be a nice little project and useful for other chips. Your 16Fs and most 18Fs(?) will need 13volts on VPP/MCLR (?) to enter programming mode (its been a while since I’ve used them).

A small boost converter with up to 17 (?) volts output using a PWM and ADC pin from the IO header, and a 3rd IO pin for switching VPP. I will sketch something out.

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Are you aware of this open source PIC programmer?

You may be able to adapt the hardware and code as needed. If you go to the github repository someone has done an SMT version of the hardware in Kicad format.
Alberto Maccioni (the original creator) is also very helpful on the support forum.


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Good Link! Thank you! That will make things a lot smoother.


Something like this should work. I can make it a plug in adapter, with a second 10P header so it works with the Bus Pirate cables and stuff.

PWM from Bus Pirate drives a boost converter. Feedback is through a resistor divider to the BP ADC. Some sort of high side switch enables/disables VPP.

The NFET/PFET pair may not be needed at <40volts. Lately I’ve been doing very small voltages, instead of very big voltages. That’s how my last nixie tube driver was designed, but I need to look at PFET datasheets.

The best idea is probably crib the values and switch design from a pickit schematic, just to do it the professional way.

A nice thing about this design is it has no clock, so it doesn’t have to be FCC certified strictly speaking.

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This is the pickit2 VPP system, I routed this onto small board. A few tweaks (and sourcing) are needed before I test it.