FCC compliance certification received & developer hardware available

Friday we passed FCC compliance testing on Bus Pirate 5 REV 8. That means we can start selling some hardware.

We have a handful of assembled boards from the prototype production run. I’d really like to get them out to anyone who is interested in poking around the code. They’ll probably be in the Dirty PCBs store early this week, but you can contact me about one as well.

Monday is a US holiday, but we’re going to be busy here.

  1. Update the docs site to v1
  2. Final check on packaging materials/order prints
  3. Arrange the genuine sticker stuff - get special materials sent to the manufacturer
  4. Verify the final SLA enclosure test and open the mold
  5. Purchase parts for the second prototype production batch
  6. Begin various kitting (Probe cable, Aux cables, enclosure 3DPIY kit)

I’m probably forgetting something, but that’s a start.

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We managed to purchase most of the parts, just a few stragglers. Packaging materials are all sent to the printers, and the enclosure is confirmed.

This morning we’ll finish the BOM order, start the enclosure tooling, and finish stickers. After that it’s just waiting and cleaning up the documentation.

Parts are purchased, PCBs are being made. Waiting to hear on tooling, but lead time is about 40 days from when we sign the contract.

Tooling contract is signed. There was a lot of last minute hassle and they raised the price on us, but the contract is signed.