Firmware for REV10

Here is a firmware for REV10 (118.6 KB)

Currently, the REV8 and REV10 require different firmware compiles. The hardware difference is pretty minor, but the FATfs library has some compile time defines to configure the SD card sector size (512bytes) and NAND Flash sector size (2K) that are going to be a pain to unify into a single firmware.

Today I’m starting:

  • Get Cmake to spit out multiple projects/versions
  • Get the compile server to package everything up
  • Unify the source for REV8 and REV10 back to main
  • Pull Paul’s DSO into main
  • Dig around in the SUMP logic analyzer compatibility layer/make an entry point for @dreg to do AVRdude compatibility layer.
  • Test Pico Probe firmware on Bus Pirate