Homebrew Buspirate


thank you for sharing this project, today my home reflown Buspirate finally passed the self test. The many small resistor arrays were challenging to say the least. :slight_smile:


I used this to reflow the pcb and I love this tool.


Welcome Rubines!

Wow! You did one by hand? Was it a REV8 board? That’s so much work, and those R arrays really are nasty, even with a pick and place.

There’s a pick and place in my kitchen, but I still gave up and just have my revisions assembled professionally :slight_smile: Congratulations on the build!



Hi Ian
Thank you.

I love challenges :slight_smile:

I does not make much sense since you sell them very cheap but it is so much more fun,…


Can I send you a case and a button cap? I just received a couple of the hydrographic foil dipped buttons, they’re pretty cool.

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That would be awesome, thank you!

No problem, I sent you a private chat, or you can private message me your address.