I2C Address Search macro - how to stop when no device found?

Hi Jan, when playing with I2C addr/device bus search noticed that there is no way to stop the macro and return to prompt (Ctrl+C would be great to have :slightly_smiling_face:) other than …unplug the board from USB !

Thanks! I pushed a fix and it will be in the auto compile.

What’s odd is that it worked before… It was simply that I did a uint8_t i < 256 so it was stuck in a loop. It worked perfectly earlier though which always concerns me…

Thanks again! That was a silly bug.

note: the auto build has the second AMUX switching speed fix, not the first.

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The link:

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Nope the infamous glitch is still here in this one f8b8705 …

Thanks, sorry about that, just a second.

There’s a new auto build, but it does not completely solve the issue. If I2C are pins 0 and 1, then if you drop IO2 low a 2 the glitch will show up again on IO1 (SCL) but not SDA.

The 4067 is break before make, so it shouldn’t be bleed through between channels. I need to spend some time with the datasheet to see what the input capacitance of the 4067 is, and recheck the switching speed.

I2C seach macro seems to be working fine for now. However I see some unnecessary toggling of SCL/SDA lines in between I2C packets … is this intended or side effect ? SCL and SDA should be released after each packet right ?

The I2C PIO program has a hard time recovering from error states, so I do multiple stop conditions to get it unstuck. It does the same thing for any bus error conditions.