KF141 quick connector adapter


I made a small PCB to use KF141 connectors with Bus Pirate 5. KF141 comes as single terminals that stack together with 2.54mm pitch between terminals. It comes in vertical and right angle versions. Very handy for quick bare wire hookups.


Tomorrow we’re going to send kf141s to have pin names silk screened. I hope they can do bright orange to match the wire release thing.


Im excited to find out!


Check out the difference in quality between these KF141R connectors. The more expensive one (left) stacks better, has less flash and a generally better appearance.

We’re definitely going with the better one, even at double the cost.

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This package was stuck in Hong Kong for more than two weeks, but we finally have the KF141 board. This felt a bit clunky, the space between the quick connector and the 10P female connector should be minimized on the final version.

I also soldered one this way to see if it felt less clunky. It actually felt much worse :slight_smile:

For the final version we’re going to silkscreen the pin names on the KF141 in orange. It should happen this week. I also think black PCBs would look nice for this one.

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I have three extra PCBs and connector sets if anyone wants to test it out. Just let me know.

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