Mac USB info dump

I looking at recent commits and I saw in Recognizable serial name and disk label by lersi · Pull Request #49 · DangerousPrototypes/BusPirate5-firmware · GitHub

I haven’t manage to figure out what sets the numbers at the end of the name, Ideally I want the names to be like “buspirate5_terminal” and “buspirate5_binmode” so it would be easy to understand.

@lersi From poking around, I think the 1 and 3 are the bInterfaceNumber.

(Apologizes if I’m sharing stuff you already knew. Most of this is new to me.)

There’s a package called XCode Additional Tools and one the tools is IORegistryExplorer. So I thought I would dump whatever I could find.

I’m on a x86_64 i9 2019 MacBook Pro.

There’s a section more towards the top of the tree:

And one lower down:

Here’s more from mostly the lower down section:

The red crossed out lines are from unplugging it and plugging it back in.

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