Milled Pins Availability?

Will the milled “pin-pin” be up for sale soon?

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Hi @ishyesh!

The milled pins are included in the probe cable kit:

I believe all the pins we had made are currently in the kits, so they won’t be available separately until we run another batch.



Thanks @ian!

You are living the “hacker’s” dream with regards to item availability. Thanks for sharing it with everyone abroad!

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I, also, would like to get some extra pin-pins. I’ve used plain wires and they are frustrating and untidy,

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When the probe cable kits run out well evaluate what to do with the milled pins. They’re really expensive, and the MOQ (for non sample) is very high (20k?). It’s thousands of dollars for a small run, so I didn’t want to make a lot if nobody wants/likes them.

I have a bag of revision 0/1 samples on my desk. PM me and I will mail some out. There’s not many, probably just two sets worth.

It took a while, but we have excess pins now available in bags of 10.