Preview V8 stock sold out on Aliexpress?

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Yes, the preview boards are all sold out.

We thought we’d have the final version by now, but the enclosure hasn’t been mass-produced. I did FCC/CE certification in the test molded enclosure and can’t sell bare boards without doing it again.

There are also one (now potentially two) things that need to be reworked.

  • One is replacing the SD card with on-board NAND flash. I already have test hardware and I think I got that going today, but need to continue tomorrow. This is thinking ahead to the future because we can’t run the internal SPI bus at full speed with the SD card hanging there. Paul has a prototype o-scope that uses the display and after seeing it I realized we needed to have that bus at full speed.
  • Two is the issue you identified today. Hopefully I’ll get that worked out Monday with a proper scope. I only have a DSO nano and my big scope is still in China because I don’t want to pay import duties on it a second time :slight_smile: Blinken Labs has kindly offered me use of theirs on Monday, and I plan to purchase your model of scope (or something similar) from a local supplier in the next few days.

When I have the board cleaned up, I will do a development batch. That is about 72 hours turn around. FCC takes a week. I’ll send you one as a thank you for your bug reports :slight_smile:

We have tons of space to work with, so the firmware will support REV8 and the final board equally. It already supports both REV8 and REV9.

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Hi Jan,
First of all …no ideea why you need FCC/CE for selling on Aliexpress a …hobby development tool :slightly_smiling_face:
I am in EU too (Romania) asume you’re in NL …
I buy all my measurement tools on Aliexpress and really dont care of any certification …the only thing I do care is the responsivity of the developer to fix spotted painful issues … which in this case is exceeding my expectations !
If you need suggestion for oscilloscopes /logic analyzers on Aliexpress can show you tons of great options!
Last , how about creating a Telegram group for BPv5 , saw this for many other tools.


DL16/DL16 Plus:

2Gbit Memory Depth 150MHz Bandwidth Hantek4032L PC USB Logic Analyzer Hantek 4032L - AliExpress
Hantek Digital Oscilloscope DSO3104 DSO3204 DSO3254(A) 4 Channels Handheld Storage USB Oscilloscopes + 16 Channels Logic Analyze - AliExpress

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Oscilloscopes with SDK (for capture automation)
Hantek 6254BD USB Oscilloscope Review & Scripting Tutorial (Python) - YouTube
Hantek 6254BD Osiclloscope Digital 4 Channels 250Mhz Bandwidth USB PC Portable Osciloscopio with 25Mhz Signal Generator - AliExpress

[OWON VDS6104 4CH PC Vertual Digital Oscilloscope 100MHz Bandwidth 8-bits 1GSa/s Real-time USB Type-C SCPI Labview Wi-Fi Support - AliExpress]
(301.66€ 20% OFF|Owon VDS6104 4CH Pc Vertual Digitale Oscilloscoop 100Mhz Bandbreedte 8 Bits 1gsa/S Real Time Usb type C Scpi Labview Wifi Ondersteuning|Oscilloscoop| - AliExpress)

OWON VDS6104 USB Oscilloscope Review & Scripting Tutorial (Python) - YouTube

LOTO OSCH02 USB Oscilloscope Review & Scripting Tutorial (Python) - YouTube

I also use whatever tools I like, the cert isn’t important. I lived in China for years, so I’m used to it. But I do run all this through a US company which has many advantages, but I do need to be sure to at least do FCC so I’m compliant locally. It’s not expensive and it only takes 5 days. Also any eventual distributors will probably be happier.

Do you have a case? I can mail a 3D printed one. I’m in the Netherlands so it shouldn’t take too long.

The “universal component tester tool” with … an oscilloscope accesory :grinning:

Nice! I saw that too when I looked on Ali.

The USB scope seems like a good option and I can get it cheap on taobao. 160ish.

from the “competitors” :grinning:
arrived just few days ago
FlexGiGa: USB to I2C, SPI, Arbitrary Frequency Generator
Quite expensive however …

its based on this magic FTDI chip
FT4222HQ - FTDI (

1/PCS LOT UMFT4222EV-D FT4222H QSPI / I2C bridge chip high-speed USB development module 100% new original - AliExpress

Any suggestion of using this dedicated chip in a future dev ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the suggestions. It’s really helpful.

I like the FTDI chips. The old Bus Pirate had one :slight_smile: What I don’t like is PC side crapware to go with them though. That was kind of the inspiration for the original bus pirate, a self contained device that won’t become useless with time.

Of course RIGOL is a big catch as well if you wish 12 bits :wink:
MSO variant with LA included:
Digital Oscilloscope MSO5104 (

or no LA

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I get your point Ian. I am still crying for OpenBench Logic Sniffer …and not only me all the embeeded devs community does …
Why did they stop production for this magic tool ??

Open Bench Logic Sniffer - DP (

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It was in production for like 12 or 15 years. I think the supply chain issues made some of the chips unobtainable. Seeed Studio handled all that.

This is the first thing I’ve ever manufactured and sold myself :slight_smile: I’m having a really good time with it.

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Beware of the scope’s capture depth memory size as well !.. Hantek seems poorer that Owon in this sense … For mixed-signal developers (like mee too) we use a lot single-shot capture automations (gets wave from sample buffer …)
OWON also supports FULLY Natinst LabView VISA, SCPI , tools and stack :wink:
VDS6000-4CH (

I think Logic Sniffer can be redesigner with same Xilinx FPGA (or maybe switch to …the emerging chinese Gowin FPGA family :wink: )
and the famous USB interface CY7C68013A who they sell on kilos now:

There are two test LA firmware for bus pirate 5. One does 138k at 125MSPS, that’s twice as many samples as the OLS and 25% faster (on cheaper hardware). I was on track to have it integrated last week but things kind of went sideways for a bit.

I do like making logic analyzers though :slight_smile:

Any idea what happened with these guys ??
Wave Gen Xpress – Digital Pattern Generator – Byte Paradigm – Speed up embedded system verification
I made a “financial effort” to buy one at that time, happy I still have it in collection :slightly_smiling_face:
Community is hunger for a pattern/protocol generator (fully scriptable, SDK etc.) Ian, eventually combined with LA (but not mandatory).

So many tools have come and gone. I think for most people lose interest in maintaining them, or run into the limits of their hardware. A whole lot of people worked for five years on the first bus pirate and got it really nice, but then we reached the limit of program space and there wasn’t much more to do. I tried to split the firmware into two, but that was poorly received. That’s why I’m so excited about the RP2040 version. We have 16MB of space to work with before that’s an issue :slight_smile:

I see two COM/UART ports on the BPv5 . What’s the second one used for …or planned …LA ?

There’s a binary mode that will be compatible with the old Bus Pirate, so it works with AVR dude, flashrom, etc. Currently only the BBIO1 protocol mode is supported. @dreg has been helpful sorting this out because some of this software is very old. It also has a SUMP protocol logic analyzer so it works with sigrok and such. I’m also talking to Dr El Gusman to include his continuous sampling LA in the same interface. It has complex triggers and chaining for (I think) dealing with debugging old video game cartridges and PC hardware.