Replacement probe hooks

Hi, is it possible to buy the shenzen-style probe hooks separately? I like them very much, but they do seem pretty fragile.

I looked online, but I could only find a few dodgy Aliexpress shops

A 20-30 replacement pack would be amazing

Just found this amazing item on AliExpress. Check it out!
10pcs x Universal Chip IC clamp SOP SOIC TSOP MSOP SSOP SMD IC Test Clip Socket Adapter Programmer for logic analyzer

AliExpress Link

7.25€ 64% OFF|10 Stuks X Universele Chip Ic Klem Sop Soic Tsop Msop Ssop Smd Ic Test Clip Socket Adpter Programmeur Voor Logic Analyzer| | - AliExpress

I use previous version of those. They are pretty fine quality.

Those Aliexpress linked ones are what I use. They are perfect.

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Sure, I added a bag of hooks to the shop, good idea.

Those other hooks are SDK08s :slight_smile: I talked to the guy on the patent a while back trying to get a handle on who really makes them.

There’s a section in the firmware manual about various cheap probe hooks and what I found to be the best “part number” for each type.

Indeed there’s a lot of junk out there, especially on Ali. I bought hooks from Taobao from a dozen places all claiming to be “manufacturer direct” before choosing the hooks in the cable set.