REV10 Bug ? command

Hi Ian
With the latest firmware version I have a display problem with the command: Hiz> ?
Maybe some New line is missing

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It seems there is a \r\n missing after the two dash_line in right column?

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Thank you so much. I’ll push a fix

Fix pushed. Thank you again for the report.


I’ve updated my repository to the latest change posted by @ian but I still find one thing incorrect regarding the “b” menu which doesn’t seem to be supported yet.

I solved it by commenting lines 308 and 334 of the ui/ui_info.c file obtaining a more readable output.

Perhaps on Gihub we should divide the project into multiple branches to have an official stable version (main branch), a development version (Branch dev) and the various versions (main_stable_v1.1.0)
What do you think ?


That’s probably a good idea. I don’t remember why the b command place holder is there. Removing that line did also remove the bus syntax section separator ---- line.

With the merge of the scope, the help is going to get a rework.

The two columns are cute, but in the past they fit in one screen, now you need to scroll back to read them.

A single column would be a LOT easier to maintain long term. The two columns stuff is hacky, and the translation names are ugly.

I also think we need to make help a little more interactive, more like Linux man command (is that right?). Paul added hd command for display mode help, but I’d like to wrap general help, mode help, and display help into the same system.

On a help command… You can either have a “?” option to all commands to explain each command in detail. Or have the command follow ? - which I think is more like the Unix man command, Having “command ?” is more like Unix’s "command -h"convention.
Or you could have both versions. I suppose if necessary you have a help mode with multiple pages or levels - primary and secondary commands.