Serial port monitoring app?

Anyone know of a serial port monitoring app that works well these days? The freeware I used to use is now time limited freemium.

I need a windows app that either spys on a com port, or creates a new one and does man in the middle logging. I’ll just use the bus pirate for now.

I stumbled upon a rather authoritative list from a site I respect just a few hours ago.

Of that list, the only one I’ve used (not on Windows) was CoolTerm. I remember not hating it, but also not liking it enough to remember about it until seeing this list. I still lean to ‘cu’ because it’s part of every OS I use.

wezterm (also in my list of open tabs, but not tried) postdates that list. It sounds very featureful. (pronounced “heavy”). That could be either a bug or a feature.

This mayt be where you decide how strict you want to lean into ‘VT-100’. VTTEST – VT100/VT220/XTerm test utility may help you decide if the issue is the app or your interpretations of control codes. Thomas used in when developing his own version of curses that I used to use.

That’s a good list. I’ve used teraterm for ages, not sure if it is the A or B variant. I like it because at some point it started handling disconnect/reconnect gracefully, which is a huge convenience when running under debug.

MobaXTerm is what I use to administer servers. I never really considered that it was a serial terminal too.