Serial port monitoring app?

Anyone know of a serial port monitoring app that works well these days? The freeware I used to use is now time limited freemium.

I need a windows app that either spys on a com port, or creates a new one and does man in the middle logging. I’ll just use the bus pirate for now.

I stumbled upon a rather authoritative list from a site I respect just a few hours ago.

Of that list, the only one I’ve used (not on Windows) was CoolTerm. I remember not hating it, but also not liking it enough to remember about it until seeing this list. I still lean to ‘cu’ because it’s part of every OS I use.

wezterm (also in my list of open tabs, but not tried) postdates that list. It sounds very featureful. (pronounced “heavy”). That could be either a bug or a feature.

This mayt be where you decide how strict you want to lean into ‘VT-100’. VTTEST – VT100/VT220/XTerm test utility may help you decide if the issue is the app or your interpretations of control codes. Thomas used in when developing his own version of curses that I used to use.

That’s a good list. I’ve used teraterm for ages, not sure if it is the A or B variant. I like it because at some point it started handling disconnect/reconnect gracefully, which is a huge convenience when running under debug.

MobaXTerm is what I use to administer servers. I never really considered that it was a serial terminal too.

On linux I just discovered TIO:

A little older version is on the Ubuntu main repos. The only small issue is that backspace is acting as delete, so you have to move the cursor over the char before deleting it.
The really good thing is that it auto-reconnects when rebooting the Pirate.

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Good addition. Auto reconnect is great, especially during development. Teraterm on Windows does the same and it’s so so handy.

To fix the backspace behavior you can use
tio --map ODELBS

or add the following to your config:
map = ODELBS

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Thanks a lot, that’s perfect!
Actually… I saw that option on the man page:
ODELBS Map DEL to BS on output
but I thought that was intended to be used the other way around :sweat_smile: