SPI/flash jig for clips and sockets

I made a jig that lets me use fhash clips and sockets, I used a BP adaptor, extra-long headers, and stripboard

Now I can easily switch between my Tigard, my Bruschetta, and my BusPirate.

I made 2 slits in the strings underneath to isolate the runs.

The wiring is (updated)

Bus Pirate Pins to SOIC-8 Socket Layout

    IO5/CS(SS)        Vout(VDD)
    IO4/MISO(DO)      IO0/(HOLD)
    IO1(WP)           IO6/SCLK(CLK)
    GND(Gnd)          IO7/MOSI(DI)

    Hold and WP	are unused BP I/O pins
    The	rest are pre-assigned

This might help others who might want a similar jig


Very nice! Thank you for sharing.

Have you tested the flash programmer in the latest firmware?

Iā€™m doing it now. One response is under another topic. I had several unsoldered flash chips that I was planning to try with my socket but those tiny things are hiding on me. Arrrgh!

p.s. You might want to consider adding an official adapter in the store. The PCB/parts are trivial.

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