Startup configuration

Would it be possible to add a startup script that includes commands to execute on each power on?

Lets say for example currently I use the the bus pirate to generate a pwm frequency a lot, so I would place the corresponding commands in a script and everytime I apply power to the bp the script is executed and is configured for my pwm output.


why not a simple python script with pyserial?


I would still have to execute the script manually. Unless I put the script in an udev script or similar. Also the udev configuration would be needed on all computers.

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I’m doing something similar for the button, and we have the basic scripting functionality. I think this can be done. It would be super useful for me as a dev doing repetitive debugging.

However, there’s two/three blocking bugs with stack overflows and some other ugliness in the fat file system that need to be solved first. We got a handle on the source last week and there are fixes pending. When that is tested and implemented it will be possible to add a startup script.