SWIM protocol to ST devices

Hi there, theres any plan to add support to SWIM protocol for ST devices? thanks

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Thanks for stopping by :slight_smile: I assume it is doable, what features are you looking for?

I had a quick look and it doesn’t seem there is an existing open source implementation to build off of, like there are for the CH32V chips.

If we target the ST’s debug/program tool chain, I assume it is more complicated than a simple serial port. So maybe imitating the original programmer’s USB IDs and USB interface? That gets a bit hairy.

If there is an open/alternative program software (maybe debug with GD or something?) then it is a lot easier.

If you’re just after program/erase/dump, that might be a lot easier to implement using the internal storage for the firmware files.

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Well, i think i want all the features :rofl:
Just program/erase/dump is ok and a god starting point. Combined with the programmable PSU it’s gonna be amazing to make dumps, and debug some failures in ST Micros that a cheap link isn’t able to do. Thanks

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