UART issue - help needed/met

Just received a new BP5, my first BP so I’m learning. I went straight to UART and I’m experiencing some issues. I’m connecting RX/TX to an FTDI usb/RS232 adapter connected to my PC running another TeraTerm session. I have matched up the port settings, but I’m not getting the expected characters. For example, on my PC when I type ABC, BP5 is showing 0x5F 0x2F 0x5E, which are not the correct ASCII values. I’ve tried connecting GND and VOUT , different baud rates and settings, but no luck. Am I doing something wrong? The FTDI adapter is the same one I use almost every day so I know it works.


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what kind of output does that adapter have?

if it really is RS232 then it isn’t compatible with the bus pirate, as RS232 uses -15V to -3V and +3V to 15V as voltage levels.

If the adapter outputs UART, for example with 3.3V / 0V voltage levels instead, then it should be compatible.


Ah, right. I forgot about that. More to learn. I’ll dig out an ESP32 and try to connect it to that I guess.

Many of the FTDI adaptors I use convert UART <->USB, and the host connects to the USB. The BusPirate is another way to connect to a UART. I don’t understand why you have both, unless it’s

When it’s normally


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