UART mode - sending bytes

I was trying send some one byte commands to a serial device. I receive data okay with { or [, but when I try and send anything such as 0xFF, 123, 0b11111111, I can’t.

I’m I missing something? I’m using firmware from about two weeks ago.

Apologies if I’ve done something dumb…

Example below of a single byte decimal value of 123, but it’s the same with any value in hex,binary, or string that I attempt.


UART> ‘’ 0xFF’’ 0x05’’ 0xBF’’ 0xC3’’ 0xFF’’ 0x05’’ 0xBF’’ 0xC3’’ 0xFF’’ 0x05’’ 0xBB’’ 0xBF’’ 0xFF’’ 0x05’’ 0xB0’’ 0xB4’’ 0xFF’’ 0x05’’ 0xB9’’ 0xBD’’ 0xFF’’ 0x05’’ 0xC4’’ 0xC8’’ 0xFF’’ 0x05’’ 0xC4’’ 0xC8}

UART> 123
Invalid command: 123. Type ? for help.

Try > before the syntax.


I will make this more clear shortly.

Thank you, I see transmission now!

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