Want a case for your dev or preview board?

I spent the weekend printing Bus Pirate 5 cases in clear PLA. If you have a dev or preview board I’ll send one out until I run out of filament. You can private message or chat with me, or open a support ticket for your order at Dirty PCBs.


how do i get one?!?!

I really want a clear case for one of the bus pirate 5s I’m working on rack mounting for my test bench.

I’ll send a couple your way!

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You are having too much fun for me to resit.
I’m going to order a BP5 today. I’d love a case if you have one.

I plan to give a talk at a hacker con next year and the topic will be a survey of the many boards used by hackers. I gave one 2020 at the HOPE conference, and an update on the new BP will be well received.

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Hi @grymoire - thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you’re enjoying my Bus Pirate antics. Thanks for considering it for your talk, I hope to build it out to be a worthy successor of v3.

I’ll send out a case, no problem.

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@BusPirateV5 I mailed your cases yesterday. They wouldn’t fit in a single envelope, so they’re coming in two packages.

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THANK YOU!!! I truly appreciate all you do beyond a few packages. You seem genuine and willing to contribute above and beyond to the community efforts that are and will be around the Bus Pirate V5. I am honored to own several as well as the fact that I am proud to own several V3s as well. I am incorporating the V5 into a rack on my test bench. I can never thank you enough for your gratitude, generosity, willingness to listen to what the community has to say, and so much more. Best regards, from the bottom of my heart!

THANK YOU!!! Your work is of fantastic quality. I have been in Hardware Quality Engineering roles for 3+ years now, I am ASE, IPC, and JSTD certified among many others that aren’t necessary to list out. IMO, your work and QA/ QC are on point! Keep up the great work!

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You flatter me, but thank you. I’m just enjoy doing my projects, living in a walkable neighborhood, and having double glass :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear the positivity and that it seems you get to do what you love and enjoy life while you can. That is the way to live!