What does the button do?

I wonder if you can add a configuration option where we can specify what the button does. I like the idea of having a quick “Oops! I connected the power the wrong way - RESET” option. But I can also see it used in a script where you press the button to continue (or branch).

Could this be added to the TODO section?

Currently if I want a quick reset I unplug the cable. But then I have to reconnect etc.
I’m not sure if the architecture will handle interrupts in the middle of an operation (logic, flash, scope, etc,)

Good topic! I would like to give the button assignable functions. For example, repeat previous command - for when you’re testing and fumbling with a keyboard is making everything more difficult. Eventually it will also be a startup settings override when we have multiple applications in the same firmware.

Definitely a clean up and emergency reset would be a great function.