2Gbit / 4Gbit SPI NAND flash (upgrade) chips


I really don’t recommend you do this, but in theory it should be possible to double or quadruple the flash storage. I added the 2Gbit and 4Gbit SPI NAND flash chips to the Dirty PCBs shop if anyone wants to mess with it.

Bus Pirate 5 is mounted with a 1Gbit MT29F1G01ABAGDWB-IT:G NAND flash chip that formats to approximately 100 megabytes. The page size is 2K, it has a single plane of flash.

MT29F2G01ABAFDWB has 2Gbit of NAND flash. The page size is also 2K, but it has two planes to select from. Upgrading to this flash chip would probably involve changing the end address/number of pages in the nand.h flash setup files and figuring out how to switch planes. Planes could be swapped on the fly, or used as two separate partitions. I have not looked that closely.

MT29F4G01ABAFDWB is the 4Gbit NAND version. The page size is 4K, but it only has a single plane. Upgrading to this flash chip could involve expanding the read/write buffer in the nand.c/h functions and updating the end address.

Swap chips at your own risk. There’s no software or firmware support (planned) for these chips, but the Bus Pirate is a hacker tool and things happen.

The 2Gbit is actually cheaper than the 1Gbit used on BP5. The 4Gbit is hard to source and much more expensive. You may be able to find one of them locally at a lower cost.

There are some trade offs because of how the chips are split into “planes” and the page size. This could be a really easy upgrade in the lower level NAND functions, or it could involve digging into the guts of dhara, our NAND flash management library.