AUX cable color coding dyed crimp housings

I finally received the red crimp housings. The package sat in Hong Kong for more than two weeks, and finally arrived with another package sent more than a week later. Shipping is weird at the moment.

The result looks good. We’re sending these off for assembly today. The cable people are SLOW right now, so it’ll be a few weeks before they’re ready.

The AUX cable with color coded connectors has been at assembly for a few weeks. It should be done any day now. When we have the AUX cable, I’ll put them up in the DirtyPCBs shop and AliExpress as a single cable (not part of a set) because I know a few people are eager to get them.

Sorry for the less than great photos, it’s winter in Northern Europe and the sun is not here for it lately. I’ve retreated into my HeatTech shell, and I shall remain in this breathable, moisture wicking layer until the sun returns in April.