OpenOCD/RPi Debug Probe Setup

I’m trying to help with the BP debugging. I hooked up a RPi Debug Probe to the 3-hole on the bottom. I’m following the directions the RPi site

Here are some tips

  • Use the right plug on the RPi Debug Probe - the one that says JTAG - See picture

  • Starting from the, edge,the color of the wires are Red, Yellow, Black (SWCLK, SWDIO,GND)

  • Plugging in the male connectors from the probe didn’t seem to fit well. I cut a female header down to 3 wires and used that in-between.

  • I had gdb installed. I also installed the multi-archtecture version using "
    sudo apt install gdb-multiarch

  • I installed openocd from github but the standard package might work

  • I started openocd using "
    sudo openocd -f interface/cmsis-dap.cfg -f target/rp2040.cfg -c "adapter speed 5000"

  • instead of using “cmake …” I used
    "cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug ..

  • I copied the new firmware onto the BP

  • I started the debugger using

$ gdb-multiarch bus_pirate5_rev10.elf
target remote localhost:3333
monitor reset init

Let’s see how this goes


Great contribution, thanks for sharing.

How do you like the debug probe? I got one, but haven’t figured out an adapter for the pins yet to fit my BP5. I have 3P milled pins that I solder to a little PCB breakout I use for debugging with a PICO.

The DuPont crimps on their cable are probably the cheapest stuff I’ve ever seen. My jaw dropped a little.

TBH, this is the first time I used it. For the adapter, I used a piece of female header. It worked.

But I also had some milled male headers, and made an adapter as well

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The second one is where I plan to end up :slight_smile: