REV10 testing and final assembly updates

I hope everyone enjoyed their New Year holiday.

We’ve been putting the final touches on REV10:

  • Enclosure: second batch is still in progress, but we have the output of the first day. It looks fantastic, like the initial prototypes but even better.
  • Case hardware (5 alternate button styles, extra bolts, wrench) is kitted.
  • REV10: everything has been at assembly for a week, but they had a slight New Year delay. Assembly is scheduled for Saturday.
  • Final assembly: Early next week boards should arrive for testing, final assembly and packaging.
  • Shrink wrap: we’d like to test out the shrink wrap people we found, but we’ll see how it fits the schedule.
  • Docs: docs are ready. I’d like to do a final proof and will probably push on Monday


  • Multi-color AUX cable is done.
  • Matching Y and jumper cables are a few days behind. We didn’t have enough grey dyed crimp housings to do a full batch. The housings are already at the dye factory, and will go to the cable factory shortly. Hopefully they already have the wires crimped and just need to add the housings.


  • Currently at assembly. I’m really curious to see how this new assembler does with lead-free soldering of the through-hole parts. The short run SMD prototype people are pretty inconsistent with through-hole, hopefully this is a bit better.

Happy updates :slight_smile:

  • Assembled PCBs arrived today and we did final assembly (taping the LCDs to the PCB).
  • Tomorrow will be testing and packaging.
  • KF141 were assembled and shipped back to us, we’ll have them tomorrow.

Break out the finger cots and celebrate!

  • Bus Pirate REV10 boards arrived and we’re busy with final assembly and testing.
  • <5% failure rate: one LCD, a some solder bridges.

processed-20082136-616e-45c5-8cc1-ba1135f83277_fPtUzC4B processed-b96387ae-11d6-4e49-ab63-d42972a34d44_lZ8miNts

  • There’s a new step in the self test that checks
    for a file system on the NAND flash and offers to format if a file system isn’t found.
  • This is a quick fix to make production testing easier/faster. In the future I’ll add some additional caution and nag steps to prevent accidental formatting.

  • KF141 boards arrived. Overall quality is fine, but they left a lot of flux on the board so they’re going back to be cleaned tonight.
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  • PCB are tested and in cases
  • Some of our DIN7991 bolts had abnormally large heads. They had to go back to the factory, but we’ll have replacements and finish packaging tomorrow.

Related: the Y splitter and 1:1 jumper cables with dyed crimp housings (part of the updated AUX kit) are being assembled.

  • The black silicone wire the supplier sent is the wrong gauge. We need 22AWG but got 20AWG. The wire factory is sending a replacement directly to the cable factory.
  • The red silicone wire is a tangled mess and the cable factory refused to deal with it. Late in the day we had to contact the wire factory again and request they replace both with wire on a spool or core.

Just in time! CE testing is complete and we passed.

We’ve been doing FCC testing on every revision, but only CE testing on actual releases. CE is more stringent than FCC, so there’s always the fear that FCC passes but CE fails.

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Evidently we need this sticker on EU import packages. It includes a representative EU company that has a copy of our compliance documents. The rep was provided by our CE testing lab, no additional charge.

We found out about this because Aliexpress won’t let us sell into the EU without photographs of this label on the packaging of each item. This means the cable kits won’t be available (on aliexpress, you can still get them from dirtypcbs) until they are CE tested as well, and I’m not sure if we want to do more certifications just yet.

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Nooooooooo not the cables! Then I think I will order from dirtypcbs then.
To get full set.

1705073484395 1705073484448

Testing, final assembly, and packaging is done.

Look at that plug! It’s a war scar! This case has lived some stuff!

Since we finished on a Friday, we decided to try the shrink wrap factory. There’s two wrap options: manual (mobile phone box style, expensive), and machine (has seams and folds at each end, cheap).

Our batch is small and we pay the minimum charge either way, so we’re going for manual shrink wrap. We also sent an empty box to wrap with the machine so we get a sample of that type as well.

We try to keep packaging minimal, but shrink wrapped boxes will help us deal with various logistics system and warehouse requirements.


Hi Ian

I see that the development of the REV10 is progressing well and quickly. Ignition box, CE Certification and various miscellaneous parts…this is truly splendid.
What is missing to say that the REV10 will be the definitive one and ready for purchase?
Even if I have a Rev8 (Thanks to you) I would like to purchase a complete Rev10 kit. The new Flash excites me quite a bit and then I would like to support you and your projects.
I also have an old friend of mine interested, who is waiting :slight_smile:

Hey everyone! I think we’re going to get this out tomorrow, but it’s going to be a slog.


The shrink wrap is done and shipped back to us. It’s supposed to be one day return, but it was a weekend and our job was small so we fell through the cracks.

I’m going to put everything in the dirtypcbs shop when it gets to the office. There’s still so much to do, I may not announce that until later in the week though :wink:

@Drakelive I’ve just been waiting on the enclosure to call it “final”. It’s kind of an awkward device to use without a proper enclosure because of the LCD, LEDs, and button without a cap.