Translation process

I’ve tried to fix some translation issues,inlcuding some English text used in more than single place in different context. I’ve did changes commited some local files, then spotted the JSON file, with same modification needed. I’ve introduced same change attempted to compile and got confused as the build system added same variable twice.
How this is supposed to be used. exactly from translator side?
How the translations actually work from applicationm logic perspective ?

Thank you so much for looking over the translations. Here’s some docs on the translation setup:

So I’ve seen this article after initial struggles, but this is quite interactive - using some web service then posting to forum. In the end someone will just patch the code, so I’m just curious how to do it myself properly and raise pull request. Is there a way to do it ? If there is an issue with a lot of small changes maybe dedicated translation branch on Github would do the job - from which it could be merged from time to time or when some milestone linke translating whole single language was reached.

Sure, I’ll push a translation branch and you can pull request against the .json file. It’s also fine at this scale to just pull request to the main branch.

I’m not tied to the current setup, so if you have a better workflow I’ll happily implement it. The only thing that I absolutely need is the ability to rebuild from the en-us base translation and fill in defaults for other languages. It was such a hassle to update n header files every time I add a new phrase, that I found myself not actually using it consistently.