Firmware development updates

The SIM card and Smart IC card adapter board is available and the documentation is online:

Additionally, I refreshed the documentation for every mode protocol so they have the same style and formatting.

Other adapters in the pipeline:

  • Infrared RX/TX
  • Dual RS232 for logging and man in the middle attacks
  • A SMPS board with up to 20vdc output for programming chips that need a high VPP

Open to other suggestions too!


I’ll take one of each, please!

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The latest firmware has an improved button command thanks to @HEDoRAH!

Different scripts can be assigned to short and long button presses.

There is a known bug in the button command (before this update as well): pressing the up arrow after a button press with send the Bus Pirate into an infinite loop. I’ll get that worked out soon.


The latest test branch firmware has updates to the SUMP logic analyzer with edge triggers and general improvements from @phdussud.

There is also a patched windows pulseview installer that appears to fix the issues of every-other run arriving late.

I’ll do some testing and get this merged into main in the next day or so.


The latest Bus Pirate firmware supports 1Gbit NAND (default) and 2Gbit NAND (upgraded) flash chips thanks to @henrygab.

There may still be test boards with the 2Gbit NAND, or you can get a chip and upgrade your own. Be really careful not to damage the LCD when removing the old chip with hot air.

I’m not sure when/if/how this goes into production hardware yet, but please share a photo if you upgrade your own!